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Dramatic Finale of my Epic Barbershop Quest

March 29, 2011

Today I finally got my hair cut. I went back to Leisure Time Barber Shop and it was everything I hoped it would be.

The joint opens at 9:00 a.m., so at 9:01 a.m. promptly I gave the shop a call to see if I could get in today. He didn’t answer, but he called me back about ten minutes later. He said he could do 11; I was hoping for “come on down right now!” because I got out of bed this morning ready to get my ears lowered, but hey, what can you do? So I got in there about 10 minutes before 11 and the barber, Dave, was giving a guy a cut. They were talking about the “good ol’ days” before Facebook when they were kids and would go do shit like throw rocks at each other for fun.

So I did some looking around the shop while I was waiting for those two to finish up. I previously stated that the place has one chair; that is not technically correct. The first chair is home of the official shop greeter, a dog named Emma. Apparently Emma loves to be scratched behind the ears. The other thing I noticed about this place was a plaque on the wall which read “UNION SHOP!” and bore the mark of the Barber’s and Beautician’s Association (now part of the UFCW, my old union). So I was getting chopped by one of my union brothers; no wonder I came out looking sharper than Jimmy Hoffa! Big plus in my book.

The cut was good. I showed him a pictured I’d printed off It’s Something Hell’s of some fella who I thought looked sharp. Apparently they don’t want you printing off their photos because they watermarked the hell out of it, but it was good enough to give Dave a good idea of what to do, and he went to work. He did his thing well and we conversed about life, work, school, Alaska, and other casual barbershop conversation staples. Then he took the time to put his clippers to work and straighten out my goatee a bit, even though I didn’t ask him to (he asked me and I said “sure”).

So he finished me up and it was time to square the account. You pay more for union work, right? Nope, $11. A buck less than my other place.

Overall, I was really impressed. Lots of good stuff: good atmosphere, good cut, good price, all good. There were several points that really stuck out that made me think that Dave is a good businessman and barber, such as taking the time to call me back this morning instead of waiting for me to call him. He just struck me as a really good guy who will do a little extra or say the right thing to let you know that he values your business.

Here’s the chop. It’s real short on the sides and neck; I think I like that. It looks a little more rough, I think, and one thing I’ve already noticed is that I can take my shades on and off without fucking up the comb job. I think it would work better if I should choose to wear a hat, too, without having all these hairs sticking out.

Hey everybody, come see how good I look!

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