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Ayn Rand’s life in a nutshell

April 19, 2011

Here it is:

  1. Rand gets a free education in the Soviet Union and is hooked up with a cushy job writing novels and screenplays.
  2. Nobody likes them because they are ATROCIOUS.
  3. Rand gets really butt-hurt and, instead of accepting the fact that she’s terrible at writing and finding a job she’s better at, concocts a “philosophy” about how “the man” is bringing her down because she’s just way too awesome for them to handle.
  4. Rand moves to United States where she has the freedom to continue shitting out awful pieces of work.
  5. Rand’s literary diarrhea is adopted by legions of followers nerdy enough to wade through her awful writing and find a theme that resonates with them: “it’s not that I’m a tremendous doofus who eats his own boogers…it’s that society can’t accept the fact that I’m better than everyone else!”
The end.
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