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What is this blog all about? It’s just my personal blog. I’m going to post whatever I want. That doesn’t help much, but here’s some topics you might expect to see on here:

  • Music (Punk/Rock/Rockabilly/Americana/etc.)
  • Politics and communism
  • Putting grease in my hair
  • Smoking pipes and the tobacco I put in them
  • Science
  • Rants & raves
  • Random wacky stories
  • Random uninteresting stories
  • Cooking
  • Riding the bus
  • Traveling

So basically I’m just going to write about things that interest me. I have other blogs that are more specific and ‘serious’ but this is just my place to vent and post stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Some posts may be interesting to you, or useful, and some may not. I don’t expect anybody to read this blog religiously but if someone does, right on. I suppose many people might stumble across the occasional post that they find intriguing though.

Who am I? My name is Jesse and I live in Butte, Montana. If you read the bullet list above you should know a thing or two about me.


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